Friday, February 1, 2008

It's been way too long!

Wow, it has been way too long since I blogged the last time. Life has been crazy busy but not so much that I shouldn't have blogged...Prioritization...

So Saturate happened and it was way too awesome. Those kids are just so great. Oh, to have a job that works with kiddos full time.

Then this January was the Youth Leader's Summit, again, way cool. We used to work with youth for seven years as part time (with full time passion) workers. It was the best, and the hardest volunteer work we have ever done. Talk about ripping your heart out, but so worth every minute. Anyway, it was so great to bless the leaders and just give them little extras to tell them how appreciated and special they are. They have such an amazing job. Hug a youth leader today!! (Within appropriate boundaries of course...;0))

I have also been painting up a storm. Trying to finish some projects up before March. God has really been giving me supernatural grace and expansion of time I feel. It is amazing all I am getting done. I finished my knit blanket too!! Wahoo!!

We are going to pick up our kitty tommorrow. I have been longing for one since we moved here and had to give all our pets away. Finally, now that Shawn is on staff, we are allowed to have one. We are very excited, and I do mean we. Shawn has said that he looks forward to having her too. (with soy and duck sauce ;0)) Her name is Tempi--taken from Temperance the character on the tv show Bones. One of my ultimate favorites. Anyway, she is a dark short haired tiger, with such a pretty face. She is coming from the Another Chance Pet Rescue. They are giving us 2 weeks to try her out...I can't imagine giving her up, but it helped us to decide to take her now. We look forward to loving on her and treating her special.

Do you ever notice how God just loves on ya? I realise that everytime I do a new Beth Moore study (other times too of course). Just how He won't ever let you stay in your rut. We were talking about Psalm 121 I lift my eyes up to the hills, where does my help come from.My help comes from the Lord the maker of heaven and earth. He's watching over me, he made me, he doesn't sleep--evah!!! What a wonderful thought...He is for me not against me. How can we possibly go wrong knowing all that? Well we are not perfect, but He is molding me, let me always be moldable Lord. It is great to keep falling in love with Him more and more everyday.
Oh---shameless plug---do a Beth Moore study if you get a chance, look her up online, you can listen on her site, or take a class at church. Your life will never be the same.