Saturday, January 2, 2010

No apologies--it is just life.

I know, I know it has been forever since I have blogged. Something got into me a while ago, that everyone was judging me and so I didn't need one more avenue where folks could judge me. But I have decided, this blog was for me. I am glad if my friends follow, but really it is for me.

This past year was awesome, amazing and painful all in one year.

I have lost 126 pounds-and there I have plateaued...frustrating but at the same time I know where I am at, and where I would like to be. Yes I have set a goal--no I am not sharing it here.

I have learned and stood up for myself, I am not a project, I am a person. I will get back on track with my weight, with the Lord's help-no one else.

I have gotten to paint a bunch this year, made jellies with the fruits around campus, learned to crochet, and did some cool projects for friends! Found some amazing recipes and got to cater a meal for Denver and the Mile High Orchestra.

Shawn and I took our first ever trip by ourselves together to Texas. It was wonderful and we could really see ourselves living down there with the Callahan's. (Shawn's Sis and her fam)

Had many great times going to Sen's concerts at school, had an awesome summer with him, getting to know him again-now as a young adult.

Had the most fabulous experience of going to NYSUM with the EBI Juniors in September. We did homeless ministry, clown ministry, ferry and subway ministry. It was all so interesting and provoking. I could do it everyday. Alas, my husby loves the country. But we both love, love, love, the juniors and ministering with them. We would so do it again in a minute!

On the way home from NYSUM I got the call that my mum had been taken to the emergency room. They (the hospital) were going to let her die, but my dad and two siblings said no-to do whatever was necessary to give her a chance. We got home, and left again within 10minutes, and were in PA at the hospital short of 2 hours later. My mom stayed in Sayre for just short of 3 weeks, and in Troy for rehab 5 days (should have been 2 more weeks). I was in PA for 21 days. It was a very difficult time. I hated seeing my mum like that. I am so very glad she recouped. I wish she would have more of a will to live. It is so hard to hear the depression in her voice, and how she refuses to do the things she needs to in order to extend her days. I desire so many things for her--most of all that she would understand the FATHER's love for her. She has held onto so much hurt from her life. It breaks my heart to think of all she has gone through. But I know that without God to be her strength and comfort--it is all she will dwell on. I choose to not live that way, I pray she will too...soon.

Our Christmas was very nice. The three of us together, a great friend, a great meal, a great time. We went shopping the next day and then headed to PA for overnight. It was a nice time.

I guess that is all for now, hopefully it won't be so long between blogs. Here's to the New Year, new choices, strength, and wisdom for the future. God bless us all!