Thursday, October 14, 2010

Date day

Can you tell what the theme was of our date day? It was a flat out wonderful day!
Sugar Mountain Bake Shoppe- all I can really say is amazing
they have many different filled and iced cupcakes
these are turtle and sinfully chocolate
Umm, 2nd hand store with scary clowns-bad picture

Parkleigh, wow-totally going back, too much to see but so
worth the time amazing chocolate samples and coffee

Great Bread company, got a good loaf of a fruit and nut whole grain

Way swank record company, highly intense incense though

We also went to Stever's chocolates, got Christmas ideas plus
lots of chocolate. Chocolate blackberries, pomegranates, espresso bark
dark chocolate covered sponge candy, and a wonderful mix of nuts etc.

I can't seem to get away from the toasted chicken gyro
beyond yummage!

Husby had a gyro-huge portions as you can see

Falafel appetizer with hot sauce and tahini sauce

Lunch at Sinbad's-yummy Lebanese food

Templar Gallery-gentleman had traveled all over-neat jewelry and art

Templar Gallery's Cafe yummy apple bavarian cake

Way wacked Comic and Game store-some great Christmas gift ideas

So-they are backward, but I am too tired to change it-Park Ave

Husby and I had a wonderful date day last week on his first official day off at his new job. We decided to go to Park Ave in Rochester, NY which we have been wanting to check out for quite some time. So here are some pictures to tell ya what we did. Hopefully I can get them on in the right order. ;0)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Coffee could be my downfall...

Okay I don't really mean that! That is just silly talk, coming from a place of lack of sleep from having 2 shots of espresso yesterday after 4pm. They didn't wear off until 4am this morning...oy! Husby didn't have time to make me espresso this morning, so I decided I had to overcome my fear of blowing up my kitchen and make it myself. I am no longer afraid, and it could be really bad for me. As if my coffee addiction wasn't bad I am adding 4 shots of espresso to my day. I got a tremendous amount of stuff done today though! Hee hee, so worth it I would say.

To update: Daddy is doing well, I talk with him everyday. He is pretty much in no pain anymore, and he isn't coughing too much either. He is back to driving, and has been making fairly regular trips to town. Today he met with the physical therapist who will see him 3 times a week for the next 30 weeks. I think he is really looking forward to going, and the regularity will be a good thing for him. He sounds a bit lonely, of which I feel horribly for. I know at this time I can't do anything about that, but I still hurt for him.

I have been trying to organize the house a bit. I feel like "stuff" has taken over and I really hate that. I packed away the summer clothes, and some of the peices of the clothes I brought home of mum's. I am not in that size yet, so they will stay packed til I am, hopefully it won't be too long. Husby and I consolidated some boxes in Sen's room to make his closet more useful. I think it looks much better and there is still space as we start to move things around a bit more.

My fabric stash is all washed and ironed, I even dared to let husby be in the room while I organized it...I say that in lieu of the fact that up til now, I don't think he paid much attention to how much fabric I had. He was laughing as I was so excited to put it all together. I put it in the clear plastic drawers according to color, so maybe it will be even easier to find what I want to use. As soon as I got that done...I decided I am going to paint for a while--fickle, that is me--can't stay with one creative thing for a long time ever. I am working on some snowmen right now.

I am looking for some quilting classes in the area. Saturdays are going to be hard for me to sit here at home alone. Husby has a wonderful new job, but has to work on Saturdays, so I need to find me sumptin' to do with my morning...Still looking...