Thursday, July 22, 2010

Things that have kept me busy this Spring/Summer

First I started in late February working on this table and 2 others just like it for a friend Genevieve. They had to be sanded, then on the sides we used paint stripper, now finally after about 5 months, I am finally to the repainting stage. Not that it really took that long, there were just so many interuptions. Some pleasant, some not so pleasant.

Many many trips to see this woman, my mum, some in the hospital and some at their home. She is doing much better it seems, this time around. I hope to have her around for quite some time yet.

After finishing the Bible block quilt that I was working on with a small group in our church. I tackled a quilt for my mum. I wanted her to have a tangible way to know she is loved. On each side of her quilt there is a phrase to encourage her by.

In the meantime I worked on 4 of these little quilts(2 each)-wall hangings if you will, to give myself something to work on while I was sitting for weeks in the hospital with mum. They are works in progress still, all 4 in various stages of progress. I am hoping to sell these at some point.
Then somewhere in there I had this piece commissioned, a sweet friend wanted it for their son and daughter in law for their anniversary. It was something I had never done before, so it was alot of fun to do.

This sweet friend,
Sissy came to see me.
I got the opportunity in May to cater a rehearsal dinner for a dinner friend. She asked me to decorate and cook. I was very honored that she would entrust me with it all, and I believe she was quite pleased by how it turned out. We had chicken parmigiana, pasta marinara, and penne alfredo, salad, brushetta and breads. Dessert was hot fudge pudding cake with vanilla ice cream.
The table center pieces were; a square of mod black and white fabric on a white linen tablecloth, with a rectangular mirror tile offset. On top of the mirror tile was tulling in an S shape with funky black beads draped randomly on the tulle. In opposite corners were black and white photos in black frames of the bride and groom at different stages of their lives. For a pop of color their were Gerbera daisies in white vintage vases and one bloom nestled among the crystal candle cups. I think it turned out very well with the white dishes and black napkins. Black and white was not a theme of their wedding, I was just trying to go for something elegant and chic. As they are both photographers the set up seemed to work well.

Then our cutie patootie nephew, Trenton, came to play for a week in June...couldn't have asked for a better respit after the last time with my mum in the hospital. I love having him come and am hoping he will be able to one more time this summer.

Somewhere this Spring/Summer we finally got to use the Cheesecake Factory gift card we had gotten last Christmas from Shawn's supervisor. It was amazing. We actually had a date...outside-it felt so bistro ish-haha. We then went for a walk in Pittsford on the Erie Canal. I love being with my husby.

Most recently my bestie came to spend a week with me and husby. She brought her two younger boys with her. They were alot of fun to have-busy, busy, does she have her hands full! God knows she can do it with His strength, what a good mama she is too! I laugh alot, thinking I could be where she is and thank God He gave us Sen, and changed my season! I am looking forward to grand bubbies now--not RIGHT now, slightly distant future...NOT NOW!! Ha ha!

Isn't she beautiful? She is actually older by a month and 11days, she looks like a teenager...It's in her genes-her mum looks amazing too!

I am sure there are many things I have forgotten like; taking care of Daddy while Mum is in the hospital, cafe stuff, cooking, baking, ordering out to Sinbad's, going to Longpoint Park with Sherri, a few trips to see Gram Neitz-and her blessing me with a bunch of her way cool vintage jewelry, sewing a skirt for share, 3 nursing covers for various chums, obsessively checking out blogs and trying to win fabric (as if I need anymore-later post), organizing my house-oh yeah there was a yard sale with friends in there too. So now I have to go, I posted while the paint was drying on the tables and now I am sure it is, to do the checker boards...
Have a good one!

PS I tried to figure out how to change where the wording was in context to the pics and just couldn't do it--1/2 hour later I give up! Sorry for any confusion...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oy---yet again a long time...

I should put somewhere on my blog that if you expect consistancy and blogger loyalty...I am not the blogger for you. I try, I think about blogging and then I just don't do it.

My mom has been ill again, early May through most of June. She is on the mend again though.

Then I had our wonderful nephew Trenton come visit for a week. Oh my word, was that a blast and oh so tiring!! Worth it though, oh so worth it!

Then this last week my sweet childhood friend Sherri and her two youngest sons came to play for a week. Again, it was alot of fun, and tiring and fun, fun, fun. We had a few good talks, a slight accident causing lots of pain in my right ankle and then a pretty much miraculous healing--lots of swimming previous to said accident. Gave Sher a pedicure and hopefully some good laughs, and a bit of rest.

So the last 2 months have been super duper busy, and we are hoping to have some down time for a week. Of course down time will hopefully include: work on the tables I owe Gen, 2 skirts for Sherri, a tablerunner to be quilted with Nancy, blueberry picking, making a cheesecake for Daddy, and connecting with some friends that I have sorely missed.