Monday, November 10, 2008

Stonybrookand two goals met

Back in June I had gone to Australia to see my sister, and Shawn climbed a hill in Stonybrook Park, NY. He said sometime when I felt up to it, he would like to see me climb it. Well, I set a goal to go there before the fall trees were done. The weekend came for us to do the climb and unfortunately Shawn got sick. I decided I was going to do it anyway, and called a couple of friends. I am so glad I did, we had such fun!

The hill was quite steep and the views were beautiful. Shawn drew me a map of where I needed to go, he had left a surprise for me at the top of the hill. The treasure hunt was on. Ellie, Sally and I laughed all the way up the hill, that is inbetween pants and puffs. We took some great pictures.

We made it all the way up to the top...It was awesome.

Second Goal

So that was one goal--my other goal? Two weekends ago-I hit my 100 pound goal. I have lost 100 pounds!!! Wahoo, Yippee, Holy Cow! I feel so good, and have been working really hard. I have more to go, but I know that God will help me lose the rest. Thank you to my friends and family for encouraging me, and for especially Monica and Cindy my workout buddies--who keep egging me on and who are amazing friends. May God bless you both, for all the blessings you give me each day we are together.