Thursday, May 29, 2008

My new favorite place

My new favorite place is right out my back door, literally. What a sweet little sanctuary.

I am not a gardener by nature- actually up until 2 years ago-to grow flowers was in my thoughts, a waste of time and money. Until a dear friend gave me a huge pot of "mystery" flowers (to me not her), and a basil plant. All summer different flowers kept coming up and surprising me with their beauty. Some brought butterflies and hummingbirds. It was so neat. The basil was delicious all summer and I loved using it in new ways (to me anyway).

The first year we would go out in our soccer chairs (brought to many soccer games of Sen's) on the deck, and watch the planes go by at night. It was so hot to sit out there during the day, cuz the sun just beat down on the deck. I watered the flowers and looked at them from inside and in the evenings. We also planted morning glories which I had at the lake house in PA. The are very resilient to being forgotten, and grow as long as you don't forget to water them for too long.

Last year, I got brave and tried planting a geranium a friend had given me, and used the huge pot from the year before to plant some interesting looking plants. And of course a basil plant, and the morning glories.

This year, well, I believe I have gone way overboard... But to justify it I added tomatoe, peppers, and basil (so it isn't all pretty floofy stuff). I absolutely love the way it is starting to look. Shawn and I had a wonderful day shopping for the plants at the Public Market. I really enjoy going there, pretty much anytime of the year. Now everything is planted and taking root, I have taken some pictures to share with all my blogging friends.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The many facets o Vic

I saw some time ago, someone had a list of jobs they have worked. I thought it would give my fellow bloggers an interesting view into how diverse or eclectic my life has been thus far. So here goes, not necessarily in order cuz that might be too hard:

elderly caregiver
housekeeping in college
waitress at a pizza shop
waitress at a donut shop
tupperware consultant
cake decorator
bridal consultant
machine operator at Shop Vac Corp.
teacher's aide
district manager for pennysaver
fundraising committee chairperson for a small Christian school
census worker-then supervisor
substitute receptionist at Elim Fellowship
faux finisher/painter
youth leader
jewelry repair

AND for 11 years I was a homeschool mom--the best job ever-hands down!

I have had alot of fun throughout my life, and my husband has encouraged me to try whatever I wanted to try. I'm so thankful that he found what I liked to do worthy of encouragement. He didn't always understand the why around what I was doing, but he was very encouraging. I was always looking for ways to earn some money to help out yet still be able to homeschool.

I believe God has gifted my hands to do many creative things--not just for money making but for passing on of skills. So if ever you feel the desire to learn to do any of these things-I would be happy to teach you what I know. I don't claim to be an expert, but will pass on whatever knowledge I do have. I know there are lots of would be creative people out there, just needing a gentle push of encouragement. Maybe God would use me to be that push (ever so gently).

I think the one thing that is an expression of my passion right now, is to paint. I am working on several projects right now and when they are done I will post some pics. I do have some pieces down at the Pharmacy in town, if anyone is interested in what I do. Painting really gives me joy and satisfaction to express what is inside me. I love to make an old piece of furniture look like a well worn piece of art. Barn board and slate are two other favorite surfaces as well.

Something else I am enjoying doing now is making jewelry. It really came out of the fact that I can never find what I like, in the colors I like. Also, alot of times if I do find something I like, it doesn't fit. But that will not be part of the problem for long-tee hee!

Hey I have a couple of questions for anyone reading my blog. First-anyone know of any good, low impact Christian aerobic videos? I can start working out now, so I am wanting something I can do here at home. I am more interested in an all around toning type of aerobic.

Second-this year in August we will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary. Do you know of any places around, not too far from here-that would make a good get away destination, to celebrate? We are kindof going for inexpensive (but not cheap and cheesy), romantic, water (beach) even on a lake, go away for a weekend. If you have any ideas-all would be welcome for us to think about.

Ok-this is it for now. Hope it was fun and uplifting.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Seriously a rough day

Okay so seriously, today was a rough day.

To give you the short version, I saw my PCP on Tuesday and she shared with me that a year ago during an ER visit they had found spots all through my lungs, which until Tuesday I didn't know about. So she sent me today for a chest cat scan and a stomach cat scan.

Since Tuesday, my anxiety level has been building. I'm being real here. I kept giving it to the Lord, and it kept coming back. Finally today, I had some words with the Lord. Some a little more passionate than others. Please God, are you serious, one more thing? How much more can I take... I am not the only one who thinks such things right?

Anticipating drinking lots of very horrible stuff, I totally forgot about having to get an IV. Well, as a gb patient, right now I am in a perpetual state of near dehydration, I just can't seem to get enough fluids in. I had my blood drawn this morning and it was less than fun, let me share with you. So, I had some righteous anxiety about the IV. Five incredibly painful sticks, pokes and jabs later, I had an iv in. I cried so hardthe one nurse gave up and called in his supervisor.
The horrible stuff (dye) wasn't so bad to drink, although she gave me a quart size, I could only get down about a cup. Thank you all for praying that it wouldn't be too bad, it wasn't.
I won't get the results probably for a couple of weeks. Thank you for continued prayer. Can't tell you what it means to me.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

So When...

Okay, so when do you finally stop being concerned about your child, when they don't show up on time? Tonight, Sen had a meeting after work, but forgot to call or tell us about it and so Shawn and I were pretty worried 1 1/2 hours later when all our messages went unanswered and none of his friends had heard from him. We finally decided to go looking for him, and he called when we were just about to HF. Relief then frustration washed over me and I had to hold back the tears of both.
I had just read a devotional this morning too, about not worrying. I fear I failed this test, this time. I have to learn to rely on the Lord more. Does anyone else ever worry about their kiddos? You would think 19 years into it, I would just learn to let go. But I just love his guts so much... Wow, when does this parenting thing get any easier?

So on a much happier topic, I got to paint today!! YAY!! Til I ran out of paint, but that's ok, I had to start dinner anyway, so it was time to quit. I am working on a little cabinet with 3 drop down doors. Two of the doors will have black wire mesh, and the other will have a picture painted on it. I am still thinking of what I want to paint on it. I am thinking a sheep, candle and rusty stars. I am going to crackle the whole of the cabinet except the door I am painting. I will post a picture when I finish it. I feel so thrilled to be painting again. It's the first project since 2 weeks before my surgery so that is 10 weeks of itchy fingers.

My little deck garden is coming along pretty well too. Even though we got hail over the weekend, everything seems to be doing well. Shawn took me to the public market on Saturday and we picked up a whole bunch of stuff. We had already started our morning glories, and now we are adding: red gerber daisies, coral and pink geraniums, an ever bearing strawberry, roma tomatoes, and green/yellow bell peppers and basil. I still have 2 large planters to plant and in those there are a bunch of flowers to go in them. Sorry, I picked them out cuz of how pretty they are and have no ideas of the names, unless I read the tags. I will be sure to take pics as soon as I get everything planted. I never used to be one to plant flowers, but I really like having pretty things on the deck, so when I get time to relax it is such a nice place to go.

I am turning 40 in a couple of weeks, does anyone have any ideas of special things to do to celebrate? I am so excited about this birthday, and really would like to celebrate it big. God is so good to have numbered my days this long, can't wait to see what He has for me in the next 40. How did you celebrate your big birthdays?

Saturday, May 10, 2008

"Getting" to be a mom

Some would look at the timing of my becoming a mom as wrong--I made a poor choice but God made good out of it. Doesn't He say He will?
Rom 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God,
to those who are called according to His purpose.
More than 19 years later, I can with all honesty say I know God knew what He was doing and am so thankful Sen is who He made him to be.
I was looking at pictures today of when Sen was a tow head little guy with the most impish grin on his face. He always knew just how to pull my heart strings. He still does. What a great son God has given me.
I got to nurse him.
I got to change him.
I got to bathe him.
I got to get up multiple times at night and comfort him.
I got to give him fun birthday parties.
I got to homeschool him.
I got to discipline him.
I got to forgive him.
I got to drive him around to piano lessons, soccer games, to friends houses.
I got to help teach him to ride a bike.
I got to have snow ball fights with him.
I got to go for walks with him.
I got to see him give his heart to Jesus at age 5.
I got to know that he really gave it to the father at 14.
I got to watch him play soccer and cheer for him.
I got to see him receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit at a youth retreat.
I got to hear him learning to play trumpet, piano, and guitar.
I got to hear him worship the Lord at the top of his lungs when he thought no one could hear.
I got to hear him write his own music.
I got to be his Youth Leader for a while.
I got to go camping with him.
I got to take him to music festivals (Creation and Kingdom Bound).
I got to see him laugh so hard he would cry.
I got to see him cry so hard he would finally laugh.
I got to feel his arms around me consoling me.
I got to feel his arms around me when I consoled him.
I got to feel so many precious hugs for no reason at all--just to say he loved me with no words.

Many will say, "Oh, you had to do all that- your his mother." I chose to be used by God to be his mom. I didn't have to do any of it...God gave me the pleasure and awesome responsibility to do for Sen. I was thrilled to do it, and look forward to the next phase of what God will ask me to do for him.

My wish for you my friends, is that you will ask God to keep your eyes on the prize and that being your children living for Him. The rest will fall into place. That includes the piles of unending laundry, dishes, and dust. Love them well, they are only yours for a short time.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Burger of the Beef Kind

Ok, so for 6 + weeks I have not eaten any beef, none... I din't think it would bother me at all, but today when my Dr. said I could eat 90% or higher ground beef, I was on that like stink on skunk. I made 2 burgers and cooked them with onions then put them in a glass dish with cream of mushroom soup and cooked them some more, til really tender. I also had some mashed potatoes (made with skim milk and no butter--but butter buds actually taste pretty good) It took me an hour to eat a 1/2 cup size burger, and a tablespoon of mashed potatoes but man they were good. I have been mainly eating fish and chicken so it is nice to have a change.

My doctor says I am doing well, and agreed that the diabetes is gone. She gave me a new medicine for my gall bladder. She said that many people who have rapid weight loss often form gall bladder problems. Hopefully this will not happen to me. Right now my meds consist of 2 meals for me. It is ridiculous, some are vitamins though, but I am hoping to get off of a couple of them soon.

I have lost another 12lbs so that is a total of 26lbs since surgery date. Since starting the whole process I have lost a total of 44lbs. I have not ever lost that much and kept it off. So this is a very huge thing for me. To see weight go off and know it isn't coming back. I am walking about 1 1/2-2 miles a day most days. I hope to be able to start swimming and/or the gym soon. I want to start some kind of work out to help build muscle. My body feels very mushy as I lose the weight. I know that as I build muscle my metabolism will start to speed up too. I love the idea of that domino effect. Don't get me wrong--I have no desire to be a workout junky--I still hate exercise... but it is for my own good. Ugh, I sound like a responsible grown up... Ok, it had to happen some day.

I have started to stitch the top stitching on my quilt. I had to get a thimble, my middle finger was beginning to get really sore. How do real quilter's do all this stitching? Although I have to say on the back it looks neat, maybe that will be how I hang it.

We planted the morning glories yesterday. Can't wait to see them start coming up. I just love their flowers. This year hopefully they will wind around the railings of the deck. Usually we have lattice, but this year Shawn wanted to try to see if they will train around the rails. It will be really neat if it works.