Saturday, January 17, 2009

This Girl's Pilgrimage.: I Mentioned Something About a Giveaway...

This is a sweet doll of girlfriend's page. Gina and her family are precious servant's of the Christ. Check out her blog, you will be blessed.

This Girl's Pilgrimage.: I Mentioned Something About a Giveaway...

Friday, January 2, 2009

New pics of shrinking me

So we took new pictures, I wasn't even planning to do it but a sweet friend reminded me. Thank you for caring--you are sweet.

July 2007

January 2009

I have now lost 108 pounds and 89.5 inches. I am excited when I see the numbers. It floors me when I added it all together. I know the last few months have slowed down a bit, but I am still losing and of that I am satisfied. I knew it would eventually become harder, but now I am capable of working harder. God gave me the tools and His strength and now I will dig in even more!

Some other things in our life here "on the hill"--Sen has been home, I love my boy. There have been some great opportunities to hear his heart. His heart is for the Lord...that is all I need to know for sure.

My hubby is having a couple of vacation days, of which he has much needed. He was weary to the bone--I think he is being rejuvenated bit by bit. God is so good.

I have been getting to spend some precious time with a dear sister in the faith. It has been amazing and I am honored God would make this opportunity available to me.

May your new year be blessed, and may you keep your eyes on him- come what may.