Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Recap of the Last Month in Australia

I realise it has been a month since my last blog, but the internet was really slow over there, so I waited til I got back to blog. Our internet has been out due to our modem getting hit by the electrical storm--so no more excuses--here I am.

So, My sister and her family are amazing people. I had a great time being with them and am so glad I got to go. With that said- there is no place like home. I am happy to be home, sleeping in my own bed, living my own life.

Sunrise out the kitchen window at Wendy's

There was a lot to do in Aus. Loving on my sister was my top priority. Lavishing her with affection, being a servant any way I could, and being an ear to listen. Some days were super easy-cleaning and hanging out with the kids. There were days however that I knew Wendy was having an especially difficult time dealing with the grief she is feeling over the loss of Jodi. The stress of trying to make Neil not overdo it, also weighed heavily on her. There is alot to do in her life-from milking to tending t the farm, hauling kids around to their activities, doing errands for them and the farm. Plus all the clubs and activities she is involved in. She is such a Proverbs 31 woman and doesn't even know it.

I had taken a bunch of my painted stuff over thinking to use it as gifts, but my sister convinced me I should sell it. So I took it into town and the bakery/gift shop bought it all. I walked out of there with cash in hand and very happy. The shop keeper seemed very happy herself. The tray I had taken over (pictured on my sidebar) was gone by the time I cam back to see the display 2 days later. That made me feel good. Pictured below is the display in the bakery.

I surprised my sister with a totally girly day out, and took her to get her nails done. We had acrylics done which she had never had done before. I think she really enjoyed the experience, and I know she really enjoyed how nice they looked while we were on vacation the following week.

As I said we went on vacation the following day. We were in the Northern Territory for 5 days. Mostly we spent the time in Darwin, but we also went to Katherine Gorge and Kakadu National Park. All of which was amazing.

The first park we went to was called Crocodylus park where you can imagine what we saw there. Well you would be right, there were many crocodiles and other reptiles. Here are some highlights.

Here I am-bowwing to peer pressure and doing something totally cool and completely out of character for me. I am not a reptile lover- give me a furry kitty anytime. I will say that this was very cool, and a bit exhilarating. I really wish the guys had been there. They would've thought this place was the coolest.

My sister and her hubby Neil. Feeling much better, recouping very well.

We visited a museum that told about how Darwin was leveled by hurricane Tracy. I believe it was in the 70's. They are just now doing alot of rebuilding, of which they are trying to build some skyscrapers. The one in the picture below has a tree on the the top of it.
Neil out on the fishing boat

My goldie, wow did she tast good.

high velocity hair.

We got to go deep sea fishing (in the bay) I caught a 'Goldie' and Keith, Neil and Wendy caught some other kinds of fish. We had enough for breakfast. We had a great time, it was pretty relaxing. I am sure we all wished we would've caught more--but it was a great time anyway.

We enjoyed lots of great food, and many laughs.

Saw termite mounds that were twice as tall as me.

We enjoyed a funny movie in an outdoor theatre under the stars. It was a great experience. I honked all the way through the movie. My sister hasn't heard me do that since I was a kid. She said it was great to hear me laugh again. Yeah, it was great to laugh like that again.
I am done for now. This is alot of work. I am going to catch up some more another day, so keep watching. Love ya