Friday, June 20, 2008

In Aussie land

What an amazing opportunity I have been given to be able to be here, helping my sister and her family any way that I can. I have really been enjoying my talks with her.

The kiddos have really grown in 6 years when we were here last. They are all young ladies and a very handsome young man. My sister has 3 girls and the youngest is a boy. Pretty awesome family if I do say so myself.

We went golfing today with Kim and Poppy (Sister in law, Father in law). It was fun, but I have deduced-I am not a gifted golfer. Not at all. But we had a good time. Tonight, Neil is cooking on a camp stove. There will be lamb and pork. Looked amazing when they put it in-I can hardly wait to taste it.

It is a bit chilly here, about high 50's to 60. A bit colder because there isn't any central heating, but they do have space heaters that are movable so in here where the pc is, is warm.

I have been getting up pretty early because of jet lag. But it is ok, I have plenty of time to get a cup of coffee and to work at my devotions in the quiet. I rarely get up this early at home, so it has been quite nice. I am reading "A Woman's High Calling" by Elizabeth George. I am also working through the study guide. It has really been challenging me to be pursuing the high calling of the Titus woman, to control her tongue and be an example. I am memorizing the verse-May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to you. Oh Lord, my redeemer... (I can't remember where it is from or the last few words--my bible is in the other room-where it is cold, please forgive me)

Yesterday, I killed my first huntmen spider (huge tarantula looking spiders) Today, there was one on the car right where I was about to put my hand and Wendy said to watch where I was putting my hand. I nearly jumped out of my skin. She shooed it away, and let it go on its merry way. They kill the mosquitos and such. The thing is, they look just like the wolf spider that is highly venomous. The only difference is the wolf has 2 more eyes--sorry I am not counting eyes... Not on 3" big spiders.

Hopefully I will get pictures to post, and be able to post them. Please stay tuned for more adventures down under.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bit of a catch up--And SHOCKER news

So, Shawn had this amazing garden party for me and a few of my dearest friends on Saturday. We had it on the front porch of EBI. It was fantabulous. We had Sally's famous french onion soup for the first course. Chicken salad and egg salad sandwiches, little spiral sandwiches, quiche, veggies with dill dip, and fruit with chocolate sauce. It was finished off with personal size 5 layer chocolate cheesecakes. Shawn served everything with a smile, it was a truly beautiful thing. My dear friends ended the party with some very special prayers over me. It was such an awe filled day.

We left the party stuff off at the house and dashed to Syracuse for a party for Rebecah Tadros. She is graduating very soon, and is also leaving for NYC to go to The American Music and Drama Academy. She is so excited, and we are too, for her.

So the shocker news.

Wait for it...

Building the suspense...


You just think you are...







Tuesday. Yes, this Tuesday!! I am very excited, a little nervous--but blessed.

My sister's husband had a heart attack while taking a stress test and was life flighted to Melbourne. He then was taken to surgery, and a stint was put in to clear an artery that was 90% blocked. I love my sister and her husband and am so happy that he is doing well. When I mentioned I would be happy to come and be with her--she said she would very much appreciate that. See, 2 months ago, her best friend for 18 years, was murdered by an acquaintance, and life has been very difficult. I am so glad God has opened the doors for me to go. I am hoping that maybe even Shawn could go too. My ticket is paid for and I already have my passport. God will have to do some quick moving for the finances for Shawn and he still needs his passport. I know if it is God's will for him to go too, he will provide it all, and at the right time.

My sister on left and Jody on right.

Please pray that all will go according to God's plans. I know he has some doozies up His sleeve on this one. What an awesome God we serve, eh?

I hope to write as I am there...Hopefully I can.

Friday, June 13, 2008

You don't look a day over 40

Well I am-a day over 40 that is!!

I had the most fabulous birthday ever!! My father God, poured his love on me via all my friends, and family wishing me a happy day, sending flowers, cards, encouraging me and just generally loving on me. I experienced so much joy and happiness, I thought I would explode.

My mom and dad sent me a beautiful gerber daisy flower arrangement the day before my birthday, so I could enjoy them all day. I left them at EF so I could look at them all day.

A sweet friend Donna brought flowers to surprise me that night.

Then Shawn surprised me with a bouquet of lilies and snap dragons and daisies. All in a beautiful vase. He brought them to EF for me to enjoy there. There is nothing quite like receiving flowers somewhere other than home. It was very nice.

When I got home the guys had gotten dinner prepared and we had amazing steaks on the grill, baked sweet potatoes and peas. YUMMY!! The steak was perfectly marinated and very tender, Shawn did such a great job! Then, we got a phone call from James who asked if we were busy tonight, that they had tickets to a play up at Geva theatre. It was Pride and Prejudice--oh happy day!! How sweet the father is. What an amazing ending to an amazing day.

I know a few to many amazings but it is hard to articulate how happy I am.

I will share a difficult few hours though in the midst of the day, and yet God sustained my joy. My sister's husband (they live in Australia) had what appeared to be a heart attack while taking a stress test. All is well today (due to many prayers for them), he had surgery overnight, and they placed a stint in his artery that had been over 90% blocked. The doctors said he was very lucky, we know God intervened. Please pray they will recognize and begin to know God for the intimate love He gives.

Here are some pics of the flowers, etc.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Today is my Birthday, bah buhdah buh bum
And it's gonna be a great day, bah buhdah buh bum

That's all the blues I have in me--it is such a great dayyy-how could I sing any blues?

My mom and Dad sent me flowers, and a sweet friend Donna did too. What a happy day. I hope everyone of my blog friends has an amazing day. Praise HIM!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

In 2 days--It's my birthday

In 2 days it is my 40th birthday, the excitement is at a near fever pitch!! I am so excited I can hardly stand it. Truly, I am--I am not being sarcastic. I never thought I would be so happy-but after all that has happened in the last few years--I feel so blessed to be able to say "I am 40 and so happy to be so." I realise quite a few people look at being 40 as the end or old...I struggled with 30, but 40 seems like a new lease on life. I am so loving life right now, just living and praising God for all the good things he has done.

Praise report-got the word from my doctor finally, my CT scans came back clear. Yahoo!! Doin' the happy dance!!

Working at EF has been fun, I came home early today cuz of an energy disturbance in the force field around Lima. No really there was a storm, we lost electricity at EF, when I got home we had electricity. I could spit across the parking lot--that is how far apart our 2 buildings are-doesn't that seem weird to you? It's ok, I got a couple more episodes of Gilmore Girls in. (Won't even begin to talk about that new obsession.)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday it is a sweet day

Ok now that I have worked a week outside of the home (which I don't usually do) at a place I love to be-EF, I am so happy to say "IT IS FRIDAY." You should see me doing the happy dance right now. I don't feel like I have accomplished anything at home that needed to be done, except cook and laundry. I think it is a huge confirmation to me that working out in the world everyday is just not for me. I am good with it for a here and there experience, but oy--I have too much to do. How do all you women do it every day?

I am getting to work there for the next 3 weeks so that will be great monetary wise. but my house is getting pretty bad. I think tommorrow is going to be a cleaning day. I would much rather be yard saling--just let me state that.

I have to finis a couple of projects this weekend, maybe I will show some pics when I am done. Have a great weekend, all!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Another Dr's appointment

So I had another doctor appointment today, this one was a monthly checkup with the surgeon (actually his physicians assistant) It went well, blood pressure was great, no new meds and I have officially lost 35lbs since the surgery date of March 31st. Wahoo! That makes 53lbs since July when I started this whole process. I feel so much better. I have been walking, and I just ordered off ebay, some old aerobics videos. No laughing people, but I have always enjoyed Richard Simmons in small doses. A half hour doesn't seem too long to groove to the oldies. Anyway, everything else I looked at were high impact aerobics or tae bo. This body ain't ready for tae bo yet, no way no how.

Now I can eat anything I want to try. So tonight I celebrated with a 2" piece of a blue cheesesteak sub, and a 1" X 2" piece of buff chick pizza. Both from Quida's and well worth every morsel. I did have an incredible fit of hiccups afterward, and ridicule from Shawn for them. But no feeling sick or anything afterward. Now lest you think I will make a habit of eating greasy food, think otherwise please. I had a desire to eat something celebratory, so we did. I have had some wise people say to me that if I deny everything, all I will do is crave it. So, we went.

I will also say, I have been having a great time learning to cook differently with no fat or certainly low fat ingredients. I like when Shawn says he can't tell a taste difference, even if it has no added fat. There are a lot of ingredients out there that we typically don't even realize how much fat is added- thankfully there are low fat options too. Maybe I will start to put some recipes on.

I will say, it is fun being a shrinking woman. I put a work shirt on yesterday-expecting it to be tight as usual, and it didn't even touch my sides. I had a good 4" of extra space in there. I know it may seem silly to some, but it was a "yahoo Lord", kind of moment for me. I just have so much to thank him for.
Here are some pictures to show my progression. The first is in July 2007 just as I was starting, Second is May 2008 1 month after surgery, the last is June 2, 2008, 2 months after surgery. Maybe my doing this will be an encouragement to someone else. Bless you guys for reading.