Friday, July 24, 2009

Way too Long

Wow it has been a long time since I posted. I can't even begin to remember all that has happened. Lots of conferences at the school, camp meeting...days filled with painting, cooking and baking. I have been trying to spend time in the sun when we have some. My deck has been a fun place to be. Tepi enjoys it too, she is such a nice companion.

Sen went to Ireland and England and had a great time. He really enjoyed it. He is now back at work for Deckman. He is having a good summer, and we are enjoying having him around.

Shawn has been real busy working for EBI. He has been having fun putting campfires together for relaxation time for us and the summer crew. I love seeing him interact with the youth and young adults. He connects so well with them, and I just see Jesus coming through him as he talks with them and encourages them.

Cafe has been really busy too. I am really needing to find some other teams to join, and so I have been working on that lately. Anyone interested? You have to be members of EGC, and want to serve, other than that I can train you...Just let me know you have a desire!

Well, I am off to paint some more... Here are some pics of recent projects, I am working toward having an openhouse at the beginning of November for friends and family to come see if I have something you would like to purchase for holiday gift giving. Keep this in mind--won't you?

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