Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oy---yet again a long time...

I should put somewhere on my blog that if you expect consistancy and blogger loyalty...I am not the blogger for you. I try, I think about blogging and then I just don't do it.

My mom has been ill again, early May through most of June. She is on the mend again though.

Then I had our wonderful nephew Trenton come visit for a week. Oh my word, was that a blast and oh so tiring!! Worth it though, oh so worth it!

Then this last week my sweet childhood friend Sherri and her two youngest sons came to play for a week. Again, it was alot of fun, and tiring and fun, fun, fun. We had a few good talks, a slight accident causing lots of pain in my right ankle and then a pretty much miraculous healing--lots of swimming previous to said accident. Gave Sher a pedicure and hopefully some good laughs, and a bit of rest.

So the last 2 months have been super duper busy, and we are hoping to have some down time for a week. Of course down time will hopefully include: work on the tables I owe Gen, 2 skirts for Sherri, a tablerunner to be quilted with Nancy, blueberry picking, making a cheesecake for Daddy, and connecting with some friends that I have sorely missed.

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