Thursday, October 14, 2010

Date day

Can you tell what the theme was of our date day? It was a flat out wonderful day!
Sugar Mountain Bake Shoppe- all I can really say is amazing
they have many different filled and iced cupcakes
these are turtle and sinfully chocolate
Umm, 2nd hand store with scary clowns-bad picture

Parkleigh, wow-totally going back, too much to see but so
worth the time amazing chocolate samples and coffee

Great Bread company, got a good loaf of a fruit and nut whole grain

Way swank record company, highly intense incense though

We also went to Stever's chocolates, got Christmas ideas plus
lots of chocolate. Chocolate blackberries, pomegranates, espresso bark
dark chocolate covered sponge candy, and a wonderful mix of nuts etc.

I can't seem to get away from the toasted chicken gyro
beyond yummage!

Husby had a gyro-huge portions as you can see

Falafel appetizer with hot sauce and tahini sauce

Lunch at Sinbad's-yummy Lebanese food

Templar Gallery-gentleman had traveled all over-neat jewelry and art

Templar Gallery's Cafe yummy apple bavarian cake

Way wacked Comic and Game store-some great Christmas gift ideas

So-they are backward, but I am too tired to change it-Park Ave

Husby and I had a wonderful date day last week on his first official day off at his new job. We decided to go to Park Ave in Rochester, NY which we have been wanting to check out for quite some time. So here are some pictures to tell ya what we did. Hopefully I can get them on in the right order. ;0)


Micki said...

It looks like a fun day!

Jennie said...

Thanks for your comment Vicki:) We really love being parents! Looks like you had a fun date day! I am a little envious;) I miss the city. God bless!