Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas doin's

Well the season has been busy for sure...baking cookies, making candy, sewing 2 quilts, 2 table runners, painting, and making ornaments. I hosted a table at a ladies Christmas luncheon, as well as sold some items at a vending table I set up there. We delivered cookies to friends, have gone to 2 Christmas parties (still have one tomorrow night). Shawn has been working hard getting the church prepared for the Christmas Eve Service. He even built a new fence for the live nativity, making it extra sturdy to keep the animals in.

Daddy came for 3 days last week to shop for my siblings and their older children. We had a lot of fun together. I just simply love that man, I am so glad he came. I got to cook some good food up for him--mum's chicken and dumplings, and my riggies. He enjoyed his time here, then headed home to busy times with my younger brother Kevin. They are shopping for the little children of the family. Totally up Kevin's alley, he loves to bless the little ones.

Sen is home for the winter break, and we could not be happier. It is a joy to have him around. It is a bit of a challenge too; keeping food in the house, remembering to go potty before he gets in for his shower, keeping laundry going, keeping food in the house... oh did I say that already? Well, it deserves said twice!

Shawn and I had a great time shopping today, thinking of our loved ones and what they might love to receive. We took a break from shopping at Starbuck's and had a early supper at Sinbad's on Park Avenue. Nothing like great mediterranean food to sustain you through a long day of shopping!

May you all find yourselves blessed with the presence of your very real Savior as we remember his birth this Christmas. I am so thankful that my father God, loves me so much, he would send his one and only son to come to earth to save us. He truly is the reason for the season.

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