Thursday, March 13, 2008

Getting over myself

Okay, it has been ages and for the last 2 weeks I have been wanting to blog, but listening to that ugly inner person that tells me I have nothing worth saying. Now don't be all--awe Vic...I am sure it was more pride than lack of self confidence and there is nothing --awe-- about that.

So I decided to blog. A few things have been going through my mind lately and journaling with my fingers may help. My sister Wendy (in Australia), called me last Wednesday, and sobbed into the phone as she let me know her best mate had been mu*dered by a man who was "in love" with her. Satan is such a twisted deceiver of what love is. This beautiful sweet mother of 3 darling girls, had just gotten her life "back on track" after her husband of 13 years had left her for another woman. She had just begun to see herself able to trust and move on... Some questions in my mind were--was she saved- would she go to heaven. It was really ki*ling me, cuz I didn't know for sure and I couldn't get past the thought of never seeing Jodie again. I think I was holding a burden that I couldn't bear. It isn't my say where she is, but God's. I don't need to worry about it, I need to love and pray my sister through it, and encourage her to look to the Lord. I grew up believing that if someone doesn't live like "we" think they ought to, then they are going to hell. I want to be free of that judgemental attitude toward people, I want to have grace and love for people. I want to plant seeds and let God take it from there.

My parents are coming to visit this weekend. I am so very excited to have them come to our home. They will be here Saturday to Sunday and will hopefully go to church with us. They are not church people, although they do believe in Christ. ( No real relationship there, but I believe they are seeing a difference in our lives and maybe...) I am planning the menu and time so we get lots of visiting time and my mom doesn't get too tired out. She has conjestive heart failure, so we have to be careful. We are going to go to Moe's for lunch and then to the Christmas Tree Shoppe, Dad and Shawn are going to check out Gander Mountain. My parents live in Hickville, PA... so those two stores will be fun. Then we will come back and relax and snack on fresh Bruschetta while I cook up Riggies. Riggies is a recipe from Sen's friend's family. It is a chicken and pasta dish. Maybe I will leave the recipe if anyone is interested in it. For dessert we are going to have cheesecake from Sam's. Sorry I don't make cheesecake when Sam's is 15 min. away.

Sunday I am planning to make omelets for breakfast, then a Pork Roast in this yummy marinade of balsamic vinegar and garlic, smashed red skin potatoes and garlic, and baby asparagus for lunch. Hopefully they will stay that long and go to church with us. The way to my daddy's heart is through his tummy soo... Fill the belly, go to church fill the spirit...hope is a beautiful thing.

Thanks for listening, I am truly blessed to have my friends. Keep praying for me, as I do you.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that menu sounds yummy!!! I am so excited that you posted!! Great job and I look forward to more!!
Love Ya
Sally :)