Friday, March 21, 2008

We've Got a KITTY!!!!!!!

I haven't written about her yet but I just have to. We got a kitty about 3 weeks ago, and I couldn't be happier! She is so sweet, funny, playful. We all have a great time with her. She is about 13 weeks old now. As you can see from the picture in the side bar she is a gray tiger kitty. I just love her.

When my mom came this last weekend she absolutely spoiled her with toys, etc. It is fun to shop for her. We got her a pink, pretty princess collar. She hates having to wear it, but for her safety, so I don't step on her- she has to wear it.

Tepi is short for Temperance--who is a favorite character on the tv show Bones. I just thought the name was cute. It works for Tepi.

She loves to play with her toys and gets them out of the basket herself. Sometimes she daintily takes them out, and sometimes she just dumps the basket out and has a field day. Whatever she does, she brings us joy.

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