Tuesday, April 8, 2008

There is no high like the Most High

Okay, so today flat out had to be the highest I have flown in quite some time with my Lord. I just kept seeing over and over how He is holding onto me with no reservations! It is an intoxicating feeling to be in His arms that way. To feel His absolute love and pleasure over you. He is so wonderful!!

Today I went to my first week followup appointment after the gastric bypass surgery. I have lost 14lbs. and am so thrilled to have done so. I haven't lost that much weight in one week since the "Healthy Heart" diet in 1989... Oy, there are no creative ways to eat cabbage soup...I can still taste it.

God also showed me His impecable timing with the surgery date and how He was going to cover the bills--we lose our insurance as of April 30. But He already had my other appointments taken care of --it is amazing.

I had all sorts of energy after my appointment today and went shopping with a dear friend, then went for a beautiful sunset walk with my hubby. What a great ending to a wonderful day.

God is so good to us--praise Him in the little and big... Look for ways-He is so worth it!

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KT said...

I'm so glad to hear you are doing well! Praying for you Vic! :)