Friday, December 5, 2008

The Everything Goes Blog

Ok, so it has been so long since I have blogged, I have to make this a catch up blog and hopefully it will be entertaining as well, not just a boring list of all that I have done since I blogged last.

So last when I was talking with you I shared that I had gone on a hike (first in for as long as I can remember), trekking to find my beloved's surprise for me. What I found was a beautiful carving of my name, so as a surprise for him I carved a heart and his initials underneath.

Sorry that I never finished the story. Chalk it up to blond? or age, whichever makes me look better...

I have been quite busy keeping up with the cafe at church. Scheduling and making sure things are running smoothly from week to week is fun. Mostly the cafe ministry runs itself, because the host teams are so fabulous. They all know just what to do. There has also been some additions to our team, a new host team and a new assistant. That has been fun training and it is such a blessing to have these people on the ministry team. I thoroughly enjoy heading this ministry and getting to interact with so many people in the church. God has really been stretching me in incredible ways through this.

Shawn and I have been taking a Financial Peace University class this fall. It has been an eye opener for us. We try to live very frugally, but we realised that if we are ever going to have an emergency fund or any savings, things have to be different. We are praying that God would show us what we need to do. We both feel I am to still be concentrating on painting. My job is to not keep letting other "little" things distract me. FOCUS is the key word, but it is very hard for me to 'let' myself paint-because for so many years I viewed it from others eyes--as a hobby. But that was never how I felt in my heart about it. I have always wanted to do it full time. I have felt released by God and Shawn to do it full time, now maybe if I could release myself to do it. I have a wonderful pastor friend named Jerry who is putting a web site together for me to sell and promote my artwork. It seems a shame that he do all that work and I have nothing to sell right now.

Thanksgiving holiday was wonderful. We spent most ofthe time with Shawn's family, but squeezed in some other friends and my family at the tail. A highlight of the trip was getting to see Don and Laurie Frey; friends from way back. They are a wonderful couple, with an awesome testimony. Don was a childhood friend of Shawn's. We met Laurie when they began dating and realised right from the beginning she was going to be a tremendous match for him. Laurie recently went through a battle with breast cancer and wrote a book about her journey, it is called Unbeatable [the whole story]. A very good read, Laurie comes through the book as witty, bright, and a fighter. She shares how the Lord moved her heart to focus solely on Him and the fight for her life. Laurie also has co-created a musical from the book, which has been in a few cities. Quite the amazing woman and awesome witness of God in her life. You can purchase the book through Amazon and Barnes and Noble bookstores. It is very inspiring and worth the read. I am so glad we got to talk with them, it gave me a new love for this couple and their son Andrew.

We also went visiting with our friends the Weibley's who are UM pastor's in the Jersey Shore area. That was fun to catch up. Cathy and I got a chance to share our journey's of letting go of our precious boys and how we are praying for them, as they are away at college and making choices of their own. It is really difficult to just let them choose--ugh! At 40 I see some things so differently than I did at 20... God is there with him though, and he has been taught and encouraged to walk with his Lord. Our prayer is that he will keep his eyes on the prize-which isn't heaven, but a relationship right now with the God he loves.

Super Duper highlight of the time was TRENTON, also known as Squirt. He is so darn cute, I could not keep my hands from hugging him and squishing his cheekers. He spent the night with Shawn and I for Wed and Thurs. and we got to play Twister, and Trouble and cars and all sorts of stuff. He colors so well...a budding artist? No way, he can't sit still for 10 minutes straight--which neither can I really, so well, maybe! Anyway, we went to the playground to walk off some of the good food we ate, and I played on the playground equipment and in and around and with Squirt. It was so much fun! We went down the slide and I actually went fast til Shawn tried to take the picture--I had to hold myself there. In the past I could have easily been wedged in there-tee hee. We had a blast.

I had a checkup with my Endocrinologist who takes care of the pituitary tumor I have, and also the diabetes stuff, and thyroid. Well, all the reports were phenomenal but one and it was my fault. First the bad--7 weeks ago I stopped taking my tumor med by accident for a week and thought-well I am going to see him next week, so I won't bother and we'll just see where my levels are. Well, they were bad-124 from 26. Basically what that means is the tumor started to grow again, and I have to take my meds again for it to stop. Bad thing is that they make me really sick when I start them-and I don't have time to hurl with all that I am trying to do. Grace, Grace God's grace... Good news--at this point my thyroid is working without meds, so he is going to let me go a month and test again to see where I am at for a whole month without medication.YAY! Also...drum roll is officially official (do to the proper A1C test being done) I absolutely positively no longer have Type 2 diabetes. Can we hear a collective Wahoo!! I know I share before that I no longer had it, but he kept testing me to see if the numbers were right, and this particular test, tests over the course of 3 months so it is very accurate. Happy Dance!! Also, my blood pressure was again very much in a normal range. So that is 6 appointments in normal ranges, hopefully soon I can get off that one last pill.

Okay, so that is much of my life but here are a couple of fun things I have been doing too. The sign for Mt. Zion took me 99.5 hours to do. It is double sided with reflective beads on the letters. I enjoyed doing this, but it was alot of work. Please, before you get any sweet ideas of asking me to do this for you---I will charge you lots of money to do it. So you probably don't want to ask. Sorry, it just isn't in the range of "I loved doing" it. But the other picture, is for a sweet couple and their baby boy, that used to live under us, but moved to the other side of the building. This kind of thing--"I loved" doing it.

I am looking forward to the holidays. Cooking and baking for ourselves and friends is one of my favorite things to do. Keep an eye out on my blog for recipes--I have taken pics I just need to put the recipes up too. That part takes time.

Blessings to all who read my blog, please leave a comment so I know you have been here.


Deanna @ oneagleswings said...

Hi Vic!

First of all, praise God on the diabetes being gone! You had your surgery because you wanted to be healthy. And are healthy! How awesome.

I loved the pictures of your paintings. Just gorgeous and do need to be selling them!

Anonymous said...

You are such a wonder!! Those paintings are amazing!!! Great job.
Each time I see you, you look even more amazing!! Congrats!! I'm so happy for you!!! :)

Christy said...

Hey sweet friend,
I loved reading about your journey and seeing your work. You are so gifted! I would love to have you do something for my brother and his wife for as soon as you think you could. Call and we can talk more about it!

I would also love to finally get together, so please let's reconnect about that too. Are you doing anything on Friday night? James will be away...
Love you,

KT said...

I loved reading through your blog and getting caught up! Yay, for the good reports at the doctor's...God is so good! Love, Love your are such an amazing artist. I have to say the one you painted for Kyle gets compliments all the time.....I will keep it always!!!! Love you bunches!

Patrice said...

We had a great time working with you on Wednesday!! Thank you for asking us...We love you and pray the Lord blesses your socks off this Christmas!!!