Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas one and all

I finally have my house decorated for Christmas. Normally, I would have it done by the first week of December because it always has to be down by Sen's birthday...it is not coming down this year before his birthday-since I "JUST" got it up. He is 20 now so I think maybe he knows his and Christ's birthday aren't the same?

Anyway, I wanted to show everyone how we decorate. Since we have been here at Elim, in our itty bitty but very cozy apartment, we have had a little tree. Ok, 'little' is giving it more tallness than it really is. Our tree is no more than 2 feet tall if that. But it is very cute, in its primitive way. Last year I decided to snaz her up a bit and took away her primitive look. This year she is still dressed in her silver, gold, and metallic blue and green. I like her this way.

I decided this year to place my snow babies under the tree along with an angel musical globe which was a special gift from Gramma Neitz. Shawn and I think of Gram when ever we look at this globe. She is so dear to our hearts. We are praying we have her around for many years yet. She is the only grandparent left for either of us, and we love her to pieces.

I think my favorite of my decorations is the nativity that a special friend, Lori Ayres, painted for me. She lives in the Canton area and blessed me one year with this nativity. We bartered a bit for it, and now I have this to remind me of her and our friendship. It is so beautifully painted. Every year when I bring it out, I feel my mouth turning up in a smile. It is not hard to imagine Jesus as this happy little babe.

Lastly, I want to show you how a friend blessed my socks off when we first moved here. She and her daughter and neice came to help me decorate back in 2005 the week following our move. I had always wanted to decorate above my cupboards but never had the gumption or ideas on how to do it. Well, she knew just how to, and went about it. 3 years later it is pretty much the same, (although this week I got up there and cleaned and put it all back again). At Christmas we add the Christmas decorations, then take them down later, leaving the lights and everything else there as decoration. I have had many compliments over the years on how nicely my house is decorated. It is mainly due to Robin and the girlies...they are awesome.

One last thing keeping our household busy--We are in the Christmas Eve production at Elim Gospel Church. If you are going to be in the area or would like something to do--it is at 6pm and 8pm with a beautiful play and candlelighting service. Sleigh/wagon rides, a live nativity, and hot cocoa for all. It would be wonderful to see you here.

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas from our home to yours. May Christ be the true reason for the season in your heart.

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