Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Joining a friend in a battle for my life

A friend I have (Traci) that is getting healthy and has asked for others to join her in accountability and encouragement. I am joining her, and getting back on track with my physical well being. I am going to make reasonable but challenging goals for myself and I will revise them as I meet them to keep challenging myself. I will appreciate encouragement, but frankly don't do well with critics...unless you truly are loving me. Please join in if you would like--or just check in to see how we are doing. I will post probably only once a week, as you can see my past blogs--run infrequently.

My goals:
Short term:
Lose 10#
Drink 2 bottles of water a day, been drinking alot of coffee so adding this is necessary
Go to bed earlier and getting up earlier bed by 11, up by 8 (been going by 3 0r 4am up at 9-11am)
No caffeine after 4pm
Walk every day-no matter what
Start doing other exercising-weights, situps, etc (2 times a week)

Long term:
Summer goal lose 40#


TraciCav said...

This is awesome Vic! You can do it! I will be looking for your water bottle in hand while at the office. And if you ever need a walking buddy, shoot me a text!

Anonymous said...

Those are great goals...You can do it Vic!!! I will be praying for you! :)

Nancy said...

I'll walk with you! :)
Drive out here, and we'll walk our scenic country roads, complete with hills! Not when it's 90 degrees, though...