Thursday, October 2, 2008

6 Month Renewed Life

Well, today marks 6 months that I have been out of the hospital after the gastric bypass surgery. The actual surgery date was March 31, 2008, but I took my first picture on April 2, 2008. So today we took a picture-- in the shirt I started with. Wow. I have lost 92lbs. total, since July 2007-when I started this process.

I don't honestly know how I slogged around with that extra weight--God's strength...that's the only way. It has given me such compassion for other people who, like myself, were trapped in that body. I remember the judgement and condemnation that was thrown my way with looks of reproof or disgust. I feel sad that people do things like that. Did it make losing weight any easier? No, sadly it just made me wish all the more that those people could see the person inside. She was fearfully and wonderfully made-by a Creator who has a plan- a very good plan. Not to be too bold--no, I am going to be bold...My Lord made me for the same plan He is working out in me now-I just might get to do it for longer and with a bit more spring in my step. Does it mean I am more in His will than I was when I was heavier-not at all! I loved the Lord then with all my heart, just like I do now.

Some of the weight was medical reasons, some emotional, some my poor choices...whatever the cause--Please Lord God, never let me go there again. Help me to seek you for all I need.

I hope you enjoy seeing the renewing of my body--and sometimes check in on the renewing of my mind. May God bless you, everyone!

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Amanda @ notsoextraordinary said...

What a phenominal change! I am so proud of you! and you look great :)

Anonymous said...

If you keep shrinking - we will not be able to find you!!! Wow, that is just amazing - so proud of you!!!! :)