Thursday, October 30, 2008

I have been tagged--way fun random things about me

So Michelle, tagged me and wow I feel so honored. How fun, and even though I just did the 31 thing--these are fun random things about me that many wouldn't know-especially those living here in our ELIM days.

So here are all atither with excitement aren't you? Aren't you?

1. As a child I wanted to dance ballet for all my life. I had posters etc. all over my room of dancers, Mikhail Barishnykov, especially. Finally in 8th grade I had worn my dad down enough, that he started taking me to lessons once a week. Before the end of that year I was in pointe and dancing as many hours in a day as I could. I loved it. Not only did I love the dance classes--but the time I got to spend with Daddy in the truck on the way to class. It was very special that he would work all day, then come home and take me to class. In 10th grade I broke one of my toes while on pointe-and my dance instructor said to me in a very British accent-"If you want to be a danseur you will dance on it anyway!" So I did and now 20 something years later I have arthritis in that toe. Ah, war wounds from the teenage battlefield!

2. My favorite all time weird food is Nutella on wheat or whole grain toast.

3. The best job I ever had was working at Vinnies in Troy, PA. Joe Mignano was the best boss ever. A little tough, but kept the atmosphere light with joking around. It was never a chore or really even work to go in and do a good job. It was very rewarding and a pleasure to do my best for him. Besides a great employer--he is now a good friend. Visit Vinnies if you ever go to Troy, PA. Say I sent ya, and see if he doesn't tell you a funny story or two.

4. Back in the 90's I was highly influence by Martha Stewart. I loved her style and how it seemed like she could do it all. (Little did I know about all the minions in the back scenes.) I too wanted to learn to "do it all". I knew how to do faux finishing, sewing, cake decorating, etc. I also loved teaching what I knew. God worked on my heart about how to take those two desires and pass on to others that being a creative homemaker could be a pleasant job. Sometimes I had felt like it was all about the doing of the daily stuff, and not enough about making my home a welcoming place to live and come to. I wanted this to be different in my own life and knew others did as well.

So, I began a ministry called Martha's Stewards. Learning different skills to make your home a ministry-while learning God's heart of stewardship in the home. Using what you have or know or can learn, to beautify and bless your family and friends. It was alot of fun, different ladies taught the skills they knew-like quilting, cake decorating, sewing, home decorating, etc. The group consisted of ladies in the church as well as in the community. It was a very satisfying ministry to be a part of.

5. I am thoroughly addicted to Mocha Mint Coffee-and I will take that with an extra shot of espresso please. I do not need a support group, but if you ever want to go get one-I am with ya!

6. I am super afraid of spiders...especially ones in Australia.

7. My husband's favorite hairstyle on me was the hot roller doo...oy, I am so not going there again--I don't think. Gen said that they are back in. Here is a little glimpse of his fav pic of me, and the hair.

I would like to tag 3 people but I am not sure how to put there http's in so I will just put there names as they are in my list
Sally at Walking in the Sonshine
Katie at Learning and Growing
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hope the links work and hope they do it, I would love to get to know more about these gals. If you want to do it too, consider yourself tagged and leave a comment to let me know you did. Love ya guys


Anonymous said...

Nice job, Vic!! I was tagged by Rachel a few weeks ago - so check it out!! :)

Michelle said...

Maybe we could have a retro hair party one night. You can wear the rollerdo and I the forehead-fivehead. C'mon, you know you want to :o)

Oh and I'll go get coffee with you anytime (as long as you don't mind Gabby-Girl tagging along!)

KT said...

I did it...thanks for tagging was fun learning more about you!

Courtney @ splashing grace said...