Thursday, March 11, 2010


As I sit here once again in the ICU waiting room, I wonder how the day will go.

God is faithful, and we are here to walk it out. I say that--sitting here...

What Lord, will you ask me to walk out. Patience with my siblings...graciously taking what I need to, in order for them to see you somehow? I need Your strength Lord, to do so. I can not do this on my own...I don't have it in me. ONLY IN YOU. Please Lord help me to exemplify you. Help me to have peace, to be peaceful, and to know that you are showing through me/us. Please help me to not blow it.

This post is more for me to write out what I am feeling...Sorry, if it doesn't connect with anyone else.

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Anonymous said...

Vic - no need to apologize!! This is your blog - a place to write out your heart!! I've been praying for you continually...God hold her tightly today and flood her with your peace.

Love you!!