Monday, January 24, 2011

Crazy how time flies when you are having fun!

Life has just been flying by like crazy. In list format this has been what I have been up to in the last few weeks.

Taking down Christmas decorations-3 full weekends after Christmas but only 4 weekends after I had put them up...

Two major doctor appointments...

Cafe ministry dear team leaving, another new one joining--God is so faithful how he works everything out.

6 hour trip TO Nyack, NY to visit my bestie and her family...stayed for Wed night thru Fri afternoon

8 hour trip HOME from Nyack, NY--got lost coming home--OY is all I can say

Planned and prepared meals for Elim Fellowship's Youth Leader Summit--Pizza, and subs for 120 youth leaders and 1 catered meal for 16.

Quilt Bible Study

Trying to organize my crap room--err--studio...trying is the key word

Planning and working on two very special quilts for two very special friends.

My phone died so I had to reenter all the info===huge pain in the tushy

Watched many seasons of Law and Order SVU.

Now moved on to Bones season 3.

Had special time with Sen, then said bye as he headed back to school. Miss him soooo much!

Continuosly working through the loss of mum. Sometimes I am so at a loss of how I will get past her not being here. It is so weird how it hits me, and overwhelms me with sad feelings. I think I just keep wishing I had had more time with her. I know she knew I loved her deeply, just want to tell her again...

Baby shower for a friend, birthday party for another.

Spending time with a dear friend who is moving...coming to terms with her not being easily accessible to heart is hurting with this one. BUT God is working on me to know He is here for me all the time and she is not moving too far away.

Reading Jennifer Chevearinni books...too many...really good, fun reads

Started a Beth Moore study on David today.

Shawn was given a new position at the church and last Friday the members were told. He is now the Care Connection director and I will be assisting him in the position. Care Connection is the outreach branch of EGC, whose purpose is to go out into the world to physically show God's love to the needy. It is an awesome responsibility, but is exactly where our hearts have been desiring to work for some time. It will be so exciting to see what God has planned for all of us as we move forward with this ministry. CC is such a great way to show love in real and meaningful ways.

Spending time with Shawn, he becomes dearer to me everyday. How God blesses me, teaches me and woos me-through this man--captures my heart.

That is mostly all--have to get up early tomorrow--helping a friend cater food for a conference this week. It will be a great time, busy but fun...see ya on the other side ;-)

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