Saturday, May 10, 2008

"Getting" to be a mom

Some would look at the timing of my becoming a mom as wrong--I made a poor choice but God made good out of it. Doesn't He say He will?
Rom 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God,
to those who are called according to His purpose.
More than 19 years later, I can with all honesty say I know God knew what He was doing and am so thankful Sen is who He made him to be.
I was looking at pictures today of when Sen was a tow head little guy with the most impish grin on his face. He always knew just how to pull my heart strings. He still does. What a great son God has given me.
I got to nurse him.
I got to change him.
I got to bathe him.
I got to get up multiple times at night and comfort him.
I got to give him fun birthday parties.
I got to homeschool him.
I got to discipline him.
I got to forgive him.
I got to drive him around to piano lessons, soccer games, to friends houses.
I got to help teach him to ride a bike.
I got to have snow ball fights with him.
I got to go for walks with him.
I got to see him give his heart to Jesus at age 5.
I got to know that he really gave it to the father at 14.
I got to watch him play soccer and cheer for him.
I got to see him receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit at a youth retreat.
I got to hear him learning to play trumpet, piano, and guitar.
I got to hear him worship the Lord at the top of his lungs when he thought no one could hear.
I got to hear him write his own music.
I got to be his Youth Leader for a while.
I got to go camping with him.
I got to take him to music festivals (Creation and Kingdom Bound).
I got to see him laugh so hard he would cry.
I got to see him cry so hard he would finally laugh.
I got to feel his arms around me consoling me.
I got to feel his arms around me when I consoled him.
I got to feel so many precious hugs for no reason at all--just to say he loved me with no words.

Many will say, "Oh, you had to do all that- your his mother." I chose to be used by God to be his mom. I didn't have to do any of it...God gave me the pleasure and awesome responsibility to do for Sen. I was thrilled to do it, and look forward to the next phase of what God will ask me to do for him.

My wish for you my friends, is that you will ask God to keep your eyes on the prize and that being your children living for Him. The rest will fall into place. That includes the piles of unending laundry, dishes, and dust. Love them well, they are only yours for a short time.

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