Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The many facets o Vic

I saw some time ago, someone had a list of jobs they have worked. I thought it would give my fellow bloggers an interesting view into how diverse or eclectic my life has been thus far. So here goes, not necessarily in order cuz that might be too hard:

elderly caregiver
housekeeping in college
waitress at a pizza shop
waitress at a donut shop
tupperware consultant
cake decorator
bridal consultant
machine operator at Shop Vac Corp.
teacher's aide
district manager for pennysaver
fundraising committee chairperson for a small Christian school
census worker-then supervisor
substitute receptionist at Elim Fellowship
faux finisher/painter
youth leader
jewelry repair

AND for 11 years I was a homeschool mom--the best job ever-hands down!

I have had alot of fun throughout my life, and my husband has encouraged me to try whatever I wanted to try. I'm so thankful that he found what I liked to do worthy of encouragement. He didn't always understand the why around what I was doing, but he was very encouraging. I was always looking for ways to earn some money to help out yet still be able to homeschool.

I believe God has gifted my hands to do many creative things--not just for money making but for passing on of skills. So if ever you feel the desire to learn to do any of these things-I would be happy to teach you what I know. I don't claim to be an expert, but will pass on whatever knowledge I do have. I know there are lots of would be creative people out there, just needing a gentle push of encouragement. Maybe God would use me to be that push (ever so gently).

I think the one thing that is an expression of my passion right now, is to paint. I am working on several projects right now and when they are done I will post some pics. I do have some pieces down at the Pharmacy in town, if anyone is interested in what I do. Painting really gives me joy and satisfaction to express what is inside me. I love to make an old piece of furniture look like a well worn piece of art. Barn board and slate are two other favorite surfaces as well.

Something else I am enjoying doing now is making jewelry. It really came out of the fact that I can never find what I like, in the colors I like. Also, alot of times if I do find something I like, it doesn't fit. But that will not be part of the problem for long-tee hee!

Hey I have a couple of questions for anyone reading my blog. First-anyone know of any good, low impact Christian aerobic videos? I can start working out now, so I am wanting something I can do here at home. I am more interested in an all around toning type of aerobic.

Second-this year in August we will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary. Do you know of any places around, not too far from here-that would make a good get away destination, to celebrate? We are kindof going for inexpensive (but not cheap and cheesy), romantic, water (beach) even on a lake, go away for a weekend. If you have any ideas-all would be welcome for us to think about.

Ok-this is it for now. Hope it was fun and uplifting.

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