Wednesday, May 21, 2008

So When...

Okay, so when do you finally stop being concerned about your child, when they don't show up on time? Tonight, Sen had a meeting after work, but forgot to call or tell us about it and so Shawn and I were pretty worried 1 1/2 hours later when all our messages went unanswered and none of his friends had heard from him. We finally decided to go looking for him, and he called when we were just about to HF. Relief then frustration washed over me and I had to hold back the tears of both.
I had just read a devotional this morning too, about not worrying. I fear I failed this test, this time. I have to learn to rely on the Lord more. Does anyone else ever worry about their kiddos? You would think 19 years into it, I would just learn to let go. But I just love his guts so much... Wow, when does this parenting thing get any easier?

So on a much happier topic, I got to paint today!! YAY!! Til I ran out of paint, but that's ok, I had to start dinner anyway, so it was time to quit. I am working on a little cabinet with 3 drop down doors. Two of the doors will have black wire mesh, and the other will have a picture painted on it. I am still thinking of what I want to paint on it. I am thinking a sheep, candle and rusty stars. I am going to crackle the whole of the cabinet except the door I am painting. I will post a picture when I finish it. I feel so thrilled to be painting again. It's the first project since 2 weeks before my surgery so that is 10 weeks of itchy fingers.

My little deck garden is coming along pretty well too. Even though we got hail over the weekend, everything seems to be doing well. Shawn took me to the public market on Saturday and we picked up a whole bunch of stuff. We had already started our morning glories, and now we are adding: red gerber daisies, coral and pink geraniums, an ever bearing strawberry, roma tomatoes, and green/yellow bell peppers and basil. I still have 2 large planters to plant and in those there are a bunch of flowers to go in them. Sorry, I picked them out cuz of how pretty they are and have no ideas of the names, unless I read the tags. I will be sure to take pics as soon as I get everything planted. I never used to be one to plant flowers, but I really like having pretty things on the deck, so when I get time to relax it is such a nice place to go.

I am turning 40 in a couple of weeks, does anyone have any ideas of special things to do to celebrate? I am so excited about this birthday, and really would like to celebrate it big. God is so good to have numbered my days this long, can't wait to see what He has for me in the next 40. How did you celebrate your big birthdays?

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Mark said...

Hey Genevieve:

Congrats on hitting this great milestone. Please stop by and see how others are celebrating and experiencing Turning 40.