Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Burger of the Beef Kind

Ok, so for 6 + weeks I have not eaten any beef, none... I din't think it would bother me at all, but today when my Dr. said I could eat 90% or higher ground beef, I was on that like stink on skunk. I made 2 burgers and cooked them with onions then put them in a glass dish with cream of mushroom soup and cooked them some more, til really tender. I also had some mashed potatoes (made with skim milk and no butter--but butter buds actually taste pretty good) It took me an hour to eat a 1/2 cup size burger, and a tablespoon of mashed potatoes but man they were good. I have been mainly eating fish and chicken so it is nice to have a change.

My doctor says I am doing well, and agreed that the diabetes is gone. She gave me a new medicine for my gall bladder. She said that many people who have rapid weight loss often form gall bladder problems. Hopefully this will not happen to me. Right now my meds consist of 2 meals for me. It is ridiculous, some are vitamins though, but I am hoping to get off of a couple of them soon.

I have lost another 12lbs so that is a total of 26lbs since surgery date. Since starting the whole process I have lost a total of 44lbs. I have not ever lost that much and kept it off. So this is a very huge thing for me. To see weight go off and know it isn't coming back. I am walking about 1 1/2-2 miles a day most days. I hope to be able to start swimming and/or the gym soon. I want to start some kind of work out to help build muscle. My body feels very mushy as I lose the weight. I know that as I build muscle my metabolism will start to speed up too. I love the idea of that domino effect. Don't get me wrong--I have no desire to be a workout junky--I still hate exercise... but it is for my own good. Ugh, I sound like a responsible grown up... Ok, it had to happen some day.

I have started to stitch the top stitching on my quilt. I had to get a thimble, my middle finger was beginning to get really sore. How do real quilter's do all this stitching? Although I have to say on the back it looks neat, maybe that will be how I hang it.

We planted the morning glories yesterday. Can't wait to see them start coming up. I just love their flowers. This year hopefully they will wind around the railings of the deck. Usually we have lattice, but this year Shawn wanted to try to see if they will train around the rails. It will be really neat if it works.

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