Friday, May 23, 2008

Seriously a rough day

Okay so seriously, today was a rough day.

To give you the short version, I saw my PCP on Tuesday and she shared with me that a year ago during an ER visit they had found spots all through my lungs, which until Tuesday I didn't know about. So she sent me today for a chest cat scan and a stomach cat scan.

Since Tuesday, my anxiety level has been building. I'm being real here. I kept giving it to the Lord, and it kept coming back. Finally today, I had some words with the Lord. Some a little more passionate than others. Please God, are you serious, one more thing? How much more can I take... I am not the only one who thinks such things right?

Anticipating drinking lots of very horrible stuff, I totally forgot about having to get an IV. Well, as a gb patient, right now I am in a perpetual state of near dehydration, I just can't seem to get enough fluids in. I had my blood drawn this morning and it was less than fun, let me share with you. So, I had some righteous anxiety about the IV. Five incredibly painful sticks, pokes and jabs later, I had an iv in. I cried so hardthe one nurse gave up and called in his supervisor.
The horrible stuff (dye) wasn't so bad to drink, although she gave me a quart size, I could only get down about a cup. Thank you all for praying that it wouldn't be too bad, it wasn't.
I won't get the results probably for a couple of weeks. Thank you for continued prayer. Can't tell you what it means to me.


KT said...

So sorry Vic, I'll continue to pray!

Deanna said...

Hi Vic! I'm coming out of lurkdom to let you know that I found your blog! I've been reading for a little while now and decided to let you know that I'm here. I'm reading and I'm praying. :) What a stressful thing to go through. I'm so sorry. Please keep updating.