Thursday, May 29, 2008

My new favorite place

My new favorite place is right out my back door, literally. What a sweet little sanctuary.

I am not a gardener by nature- actually up until 2 years ago-to grow flowers was in my thoughts, a waste of time and money. Until a dear friend gave me a huge pot of "mystery" flowers (to me not her), and a basil plant. All summer different flowers kept coming up and surprising me with their beauty. Some brought butterflies and hummingbirds. It was so neat. The basil was delicious all summer and I loved using it in new ways (to me anyway).

The first year we would go out in our soccer chairs (brought to many soccer games of Sen's) on the deck, and watch the planes go by at night. It was so hot to sit out there during the day, cuz the sun just beat down on the deck. I watered the flowers and looked at them from inside and in the evenings. We also planted morning glories which I had at the lake house in PA. The are very resilient to being forgotten, and grow as long as you don't forget to water them for too long.

Last year, I got brave and tried planting a geranium a friend had given me, and used the huge pot from the year before to plant some interesting looking plants. And of course a basil plant, and the morning glories.

This year, well, I believe I have gone way overboard... But to justify it I added tomatoe, peppers, and basil (so it isn't all pretty floofy stuff). I absolutely love the way it is starting to look. Shawn and I had a wonderful day shopping for the plants at the Public Market. I really enjoy going there, pretty much anytime of the year. Now everything is planted and taking root, I have taken some pictures to share with all my blogging friends.

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KT said...

Beautiful Vic...looks like you need to get a glass of sweet tea and enjoy the view! I especially love the gerber daisies...they are my favorite!