Friday, June 13, 2008

You don't look a day over 40

Well I am-a day over 40 that is!!

I had the most fabulous birthday ever!! My father God, poured his love on me via all my friends, and family wishing me a happy day, sending flowers, cards, encouraging me and just generally loving on me. I experienced so much joy and happiness, I thought I would explode.

My mom and dad sent me a beautiful gerber daisy flower arrangement the day before my birthday, so I could enjoy them all day. I left them at EF so I could look at them all day.

A sweet friend Donna brought flowers to surprise me that night.

Then Shawn surprised me with a bouquet of lilies and snap dragons and daisies. All in a beautiful vase. He brought them to EF for me to enjoy there. There is nothing quite like receiving flowers somewhere other than home. It was very nice.

When I got home the guys had gotten dinner prepared and we had amazing steaks on the grill, baked sweet potatoes and peas. YUMMY!! The steak was perfectly marinated and very tender, Shawn did such a great job! Then, we got a phone call from James who asked if we were busy tonight, that they had tickets to a play up at Geva theatre. It was Pride and Prejudice--oh happy day!! How sweet the father is. What an amazing ending to an amazing day.

I know a few to many amazings but it is hard to articulate how happy I am.

I will share a difficult few hours though in the midst of the day, and yet God sustained my joy. My sister's husband (they live in Australia) had what appeared to be a heart attack while taking a stress test. All is well today (due to many prayers for them), he had surgery overnight, and they placed a stint in his artery that had been over 90% blocked. The doctors said he was very lucky, we know God intervened. Please pray they will recognize and begin to know God for the intimate love He gives.

Here are some pics of the flowers, etc.

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Deanna said...

Hi Vic! I have loved reading the last few entries that I missed because of moving. Your picture progression was wonderful! You look fabulous and I'm glad to hear that you are feeling well, too. God bless this journey. I love the excitement in the last few entries and I'm glad that you had a great birthday! Have a nice weekend.