Friday, June 20, 2008

In Aussie land

What an amazing opportunity I have been given to be able to be here, helping my sister and her family any way that I can. I have really been enjoying my talks with her.

The kiddos have really grown in 6 years when we were here last. They are all young ladies and a very handsome young man. My sister has 3 girls and the youngest is a boy. Pretty awesome family if I do say so myself.

We went golfing today with Kim and Poppy (Sister in law, Father in law). It was fun, but I have deduced-I am not a gifted golfer. Not at all. But we had a good time. Tonight, Neil is cooking on a camp stove. There will be lamb and pork. Looked amazing when they put it in-I can hardly wait to taste it.

It is a bit chilly here, about high 50's to 60. A bit colder because there isn't any central heating, but they do have space heaters that are movable so in here where the pc is, is warm.

I have been getting up pretty early because of jet lag. But it is ok, I have plenty of time to get a cup of coffee and to work at my devotions in the quiet. I rarely get up this early at home, so it has been quite nice. I am reading "A Woman's High Calling" by Elizabeth George. I am also working through the study guide. It has really been challenging me to be pursuing the high calling of the Titus woman, to control her tongue and be an example. I am memorizing the verse-May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to you. Oh Lord, my redeemer... (I can't remember where it is from or the last few words--my bible is in the other room-where it is cold, please forgive me)

Yesterday, I killed my first huntmen spider (huge tarantula looking spiders) Today, there was one on the car right where I was about to put my hand and Wendy said to watch where I was putting my hand. I nearly jumped out of my skin. She shooed it away, and let it go on its merry way. They kill the mosquitos and such. The thing is, they look just like the wolf spider that is highly venomous. The only difference is the wolf has 2 more eyes--sorry I am not counting eyes... Not on 3" big spiders.

Hopefully I will get pictures to post, and be able to post them. Please stay tuned for more adventures down under.

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