Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday it is a sweet day

Ok now that I have worked a week outside of the home (which I don't usually do) at a place I love to be-EF, I am so happy to say "IT IS FRIDAY." You should see me doing the happy dance right now. I don't feel like I have accomplished anything at home that needed to be done, except cook and laundry. I think it is a huge confirmation to me that working out in the world everyday is just not for me. I am good with it for a here and there experience, but oy--I have too much to do. How do all you women do it every day?

I am getting to work there for the next 3 weeks so that will be great monetary wise. but my house is getting pretty bad. I think tommorrow is going to be a cleaning day. I would much rather be yard saling--just let me state that.

I have to finis a couple of projects this weekend, maybe I will show some pics when I am done. Have a great weekend, all!

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