Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bit of a catch up--And SHOCKER news

So, Shawn had this amazing garden party for me and a few of my dearest friends on Saturday. We had it on the front porch of EBI. It was fantabulous. We had Sally's famous french onion soup for the first course. Chicken salad and egg salad sandwiches, little spiral sandwiches, quiche, veggies with dill dip, and fruit with chocolate sauce. It was finished off with personal size 5 layer chocolate cheesecakes. Shawn served everything with a smile, it was a truly beautiful thing. My dear friends ended the party with some very special prayers over me. It was such an awe filled day.

We left the party stuff off at the house and dashed to Syracuse for a party for Rebecah Tadros. She is graduating very soon, and is also leaving for NYC to go to The American Music and Drama Academy. She is so excited, and we are too, for her.

So the shocker news.

Wait for it...

Building the suspense...


You just think you are...







Tuesday. Yes, this Tuesday!! I am very excited, a little nervous--but blessed.

My sister's husband had a heart attack while taking a stress test and was life flighted to Melbourne. He then was taken to surgery, and a stint was put in to clear an artery that was 90% blocked. I love my sister and her husband and am so happy that he is doing well. When I mentioned I would be happy to come and be with her--she said she would very much appreciate that. See, 2 months ago, her best friend for 18 years, was murdered by an acquaintance, and life has been very difficult. I am so glad God has opened the doors for me to go. I am hoping that maybe even Shawn could go too. My ticket is paid for and I already have my passport. God will have to do some quick moving for the finances for Shawn and he still needs his passport. I know if it is God's will for him to go too, he will provide it all, and at the right time.

My sister on left and Jody on right.

Please pray that all will go according to God's plans. I know he has some doozies up His sleeve on this one. What an awesome God we serve, eh?

I hope to write as I am there...Hopefully I can.

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